Navigation in Framer

Navigation in Framer

Aug 24, 2023

Muhammed Gemi

In the ever-evolving world of web design, the art of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) takes centre stage. Imagine a website that effortlessly guides visitors through its pages, making exploration a delightful journey and also user-friendly. The best part? Achieving this doesn't demand a coding genius. Welcome to Framer – your gateway to crafting captivating interactions and enhancing user engagement, responsive webpage and all without the complexities of coding.

The Magic of Links:

Let's talk about Links – they're like your website's superpower! With them, you can make anything clickable in Framer. Imagine turning any part of your site into a door that leads to more cool stuff! Here's the deal: Links make your site super easy to explore. You can connect different pages, sections, or even other websites. It's like building a map that people can follow just by clicking. And here's the cool part: Framer makes it even easier. When you make a link, it automatically knows where to go. So you're always showing the right way. With Framer's Links, your site isn't just a bunch of pages – it's an adventure waiting to happen, where every click takes you somewhere new and exciting!

Pages in Framer

Let's talk about Pages – they're like the building blocks of your website! In Framer, pages are what you use to create your site. You can make them, give them names, and move them around as you need. Each page has its own special path that you can set up easily. The cool thing? Pages help you organize your stuff really well. It doesn't matter if you're making a simple landing page or a big site with lots of pages – Framer's Pages make everything easy to manage. So, with Framer's Pages, you're not just making a website – you're creating a cool story where each page has its own role. It's like putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time!

Scroll Sections

Say hello to Scroll Sections — a cool new feature that makes moving through your stuff super easy. With this, you can pick any part you want and go straight to it, even if you're not in Framer anymore. No confusion here! Framer shows you a list of all the places you can scroll to on each page. And guess what? You get to decide if you want to jump right there quickly or slide smoothly with a nice animation. So, go ahead and make your scrolling way fancier with Framer's Scroll Sections!


Let's talk about Redirects — they're like magic signposts that help you find stuff on websites. Imagine if a website changes its look or moves things around. Redirects make sure that when you click on an old link, you end up at the new spot, even if the web address is different. These Redirects do more than that! They keep the website's search-friendly powers (SEO) intact and save you from those pesky 404 pages that say "Oops, nothing here!" So, finding what you want becomes super simple. With Redirects, exploring a website is like a walk in the park, no confusion, just smooth sailing.


Ready to make your web page awesome? Say hi to Overlays! They're like tools that help you add cool stuff to your page, such as videos, pop-up chats, and navigation bars. So, go ahead and let your creativity shine with Overlays! Your web page will be cooler than ever before.

Link Styles

Guess what? You can make your website links look super cool without any stress! It's all thanks to Link Styles. This magical feature lets you change the way all your links appear at the same time - whether they're normal, fancy when you hover over them, or how they look when you're on that exact page. No need to spend forever working on each link separately. Link Styles makes it simple to give your website a stylish and consistent look. So, go ahead and have fun designing your links without the hassle!

Magic of Framer

Framer is here to make your website look and work great on any device! No more confusing code – just easy navigation menus, cool interactive stuff, and a super cool design that all fits together. Your website is about to become a journey that everyone will love. With Framer, it's like your site comes alive with amazing things to do. So, say hello to easy navigation and exciting designs with Framer – where your website becomes a place full of fun and adventure!

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