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If you are tired of paying high amount of money for your marketing but getting almost nothing, you are on the right corner.

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Digital Strategy & Planning

Everybody knows how to boost their position- we know how to execute it successfully. uRest we plan.


Lead Generating Machine

Tracking your customers give you access to generate more sales. We make your website a lead generating machine. uRest we create.


Social Media Marketing

You already have your Facebook- Instagram- LinkedIn- Twitter- Youtube accounts. The rest is our job.


Geo-Targeted SEO

Boost your brand in your region. Our experts will take your website to top on the search results. uRest we work!


Design & Branding

A logo can change your visitors perception to your website. We design your first impression. uRest we design.


uRest Digital Marketing offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions with Done for You and Done with You funnels.

M. Gemi
Founder & CEO

How it works


12 Steps Deep Analysis

Our experts will evaluate your business to find out the best marketing strategy that will fit to your biz.


Preparing the route

We will prepare a unique detailed plan for your business. You will be following the process and see the results.


Get started to grow

After we start managing your campaigns it will never be the same! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the launch!

What we cover


We cover your full check-up of your business. We will decide what to do during our contract.

PPC Advertisement

We cover your PPC strategy and campaigns to grow your business.


We provide you a detailed report to show you the Before & After.

Learn How To Drive Traffic To Your Ads

Your company will look more professional, win more business and convert more visitors.

Are you stuck?

If you come to this part you need some tips and tricks to increase your revenue. Yes, you are on the right spot. We help our customers to have a better results in their businesses.

Are you Digital?

You have your website, social media accounts, and you already tried Online Marketing. No, actually you did not. Online Marketing is not giving advertisements on social media and other platforms like search engines.

What is online marketing?

Online Marketing is starting by diagnosing the problems that businesses have, then creating solutions, turning website to a lead generating machine, preparing content ideas that drive traffic, then the most importantly analyzing all the data you gathered.

Is it so complex to implement?

Yes, we know that it sounds very hard. But no worry you are here to rest. As our Brand Name -You Rest-, we let you rest while we are working for boosting your business to top! To get more details GET FREE CONSULTATION. 


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