Features of Content Management System in Framer | uRest

Features of Content Management System in Framer | uRest

Aug 25, 2023

Muhammed Gemi

Picture a world where managing your website's content is a breeze – where updates, edits, and vibrant displays come together effortlessly. From images to videos and other types of content. Welcome to Framer's Content Management System (CMS), a realm where even the non-tech-savvy can navigate content like a pro. In this guide, we'll journey through Framer's user-friendly interface, unveiling how you can wield the power of content without the coding hassle. If you would like to learn more about Framer, you can also check out other blogs and tutorials as well. So let's dive into it.


Collections are like your website's helpers. They make it easy to organize and show off content without any fuss. Think of them as special tools that do the job for you.

Here's the deal: In Framer, a Collection is like a simple database. Picture having different fields, each with a specific job, gathering a bunch of items. These items are like building blocks you can use all over your website. It's like having a box of content treasures.

But here's the best part: Collections give you tons of freedom and control. You can keep everything fresh and updated without messing up how your site looks. It's like having a helper that keeps your content awesome.

With Framer's Collections, you're not just handling content – you're crafting a site that's always exciting and easy to manage!

CMS Pages

Get ready to discover CMS Pages – the easy way to show stuff like blog posts, job offers, and more using CMS items. It's like having a special tool to make cool pages with no hassle.

Here's the scoop: CMS Pages work like magic templates. You set up the look and style once, and it's automatically used for all your pages. Imagine having a consistent design for all your pages – it's like having a cool theme.

And guess what? CMS Pages make your life even easier. You can keep everything organized and good-looking while quickly updating content. It's like having a team of helpers that work together.

With Framer's CMS Pages, you're not just making pages – you're creating a smooth blend of design and info that's super easy to manage.

Collection Lists

Introducing Collection Lists – your ticket to showcasing a bunch of items from a CMS collection on any page you fancy. It's like having your very own virtual display shelf.

Here's the scoop: Collection Lists let you pile up a bunch of stuff in one place. Whether it's products, blog posts, or any kind of content, Collection Lists have your back. Imagine creating a page that flaunts all your cool products or latest blog posts – that's where Collection Lists come in.

But here's the cool part: Framer sets you up for success right from the start. All your CMS items automatically join the Collection List party. And guess what? You can get picky too. Using nifty tools like Start Offset, Limit, and filters, you can fine-tune your Collection Lists to show exactly what you want, in the way you want it.

So, with Framer's Collection Lists, you're the curator of your content, and your website becomes a masterpiece of display!

Limits & Offsets

Here's a handy trick in Framer: Limits and Offsets. They're like your content's best friends, helping you manage how things appear from a CMS collection.

Imagine this: you can use Limits to decide how many items to show from that collection. It's like having a volume control for your content. If you've got a lot of stuff, you can set a limit so not everything overwhelms your users. This also speeds up your site by not loading too much content at once.

Now, let's talk Offset. It's like choosing where to start in a story. With Offset, you decide which item from the CMS collection gets to be the starting point. For example, you can skip the first couple of items if you want. It's all about putting you in charge of how your content flows.

In short, with Limits and Offsets, Framer empowers you to control how your CMS collection content appears – making it user-friendly and keeping your site running smoothly.

Field Types

Creating different types of input fields for your CMS items has never been simpler. With Framer, you can customize input fields based on the content you need. For displaying text, there are text fields that handle strings perfectly. If you're dealing with dates, date fields come in handy to present them in a neat format. And when it's time to add some flair to your blog posts, rich text fields are here to let you style them just the way you want.

What's more, Framer lets you turn almost every styling option into a CMS field. It's like giving your content a tailored suit – everything fits just right. So, whether it's text, dates, or styling, Framer's got you covered with versatile input options that make your CMS items shine!

CMS Transforms 

Say hello to Transforms in Framer! They're like magical tools that let you tweak your text variables effortlessly.

Here's the scoop: CMS Transforms are all about adding little extras to your text, like putting on a stylish hat or adding a cool ending. Imagine you want to change the currency symbol for prices across your designs – Transforms make it a snap. You can also add things like units of measurement, giving your text that extra edge.

The best part? Transforms save you loads of time. Instead of changing each bit of text manually, you apply these changes across your designs in one go. It's like having a superpower for text styling!

So, with Framer's Transforms, your text gets the makeover it deserves, and you save time to focus on the fun parts of the design.


Discover Filters – your content's best friend! They help you sort and organize stuff in your CMS collection with ease. You can quickly find and work with specific data based on things like dates, authors, or categories. Filters make it simple to show just the right content in different parts of your site. With Filters, you're in control of what goes where making your site look awesome effortlessly!


Let's chat about Conditionals – they're like your website's helpers! With them, you can make things appear or disappear in your collection. It's like having a switch to show just what you want.

Here's the deal: Conditionals let you choose when to show specific stuff in your design. Imagine you only want a "featured" badge to pop up when you mark a CMS item as "featured." Conditionals make it happen smoothly.

So, with Framer's Conditionals, you're the boss of your design. You decide what shows up, making your site look super cool and interactive!

Framer's CMS Awaits

In the world of web design, content is king. With Framer's CMS, managing this royal realm becomes a joyful endeavour. Say goodbye to technical complexities and embrace simplicity, where content shines and design remains pristine. Welcome to a universe where content management is intuitive and captivating, and where your website becomes a canvas of dynamic interactions.
Once you have done everything, you can publish your site. You can always get free information on the web and watch tutorials on YouTube. Get ready to make your content journey an adventure worth exploring. 

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