Best SEO Strategy and Performance in Framer

Best SEO Strategy and Performance in Framer

Aug 29, 2023

Muhammed Gemi

In the dynamic realm of website creation, two pillars stand tall: SEO prowess and lightning-fast performance. Enter Framer, the game-changer that seamlessly weaves these essential elements into your site's DNA. Imagine a world where your site not only ranks higher on search engines but also loads with astonishing speed. In this blog, we unveil the magic behind Framer's SEO & Performance toolkit, unlocking the secrets to online success. 

The Framer Advantage

Framer is like having a personal guide for website success. It not only handles all the best practices automatically but also supports advanced techniques like a pro. With Framer, creating lightning-fast, globally optimized websites becomes a breeze. The real magic happens behind the scenes, with powerful technology working its charm to make sure your site loads in a snap and is a top pick for search engines to find. Your website's journey to excellence is smoother than ever with Framer by your side!

Built-in Analytics

Let's explore the world of analytics! Framer brings you a complete package to keep tabs on everything happening on your website.

Here's the deal: Framer offers its own built-in analytics system that's really smart. The cool part? It's not affected by those pesky analytics blockers. Plus, it's fully on board with GDPR rules, so you won't need to bother with annoying cookie banners.

But wait, there's more! You can also use other powerful tools like Google Analytics, Segment, and HubSpot. And the best part is, setting them up is a breeze – just one click and you're good to go. It's like having a bunch of super tools to help you track your website's progress and understand your visitors better. With Framer, understanding your site's performance becomes as easy as pie!

Metadata Settings

Let's talk about metadata – the secret sauce to supercharging your site's search engine presence. Framer makes this whole process a walk in the park.

Imagine this: You give your page a snazzy title and a little description, and like magic, Framer takes care of the rest. It's like having a personal search engine whisperer! Framer makes sure that your page looks amazing when it shows up in search results.

And here's the best part: Framer lets you effortlessly add and control the stuff that people see when they search for your site. It's like dressing up your site for a grand entrance! This whole deal is like a shortcut to better visibility and a higher rank on search engines. So, with Framer, making your website shine in search results becomes as easy as pie!

Sitemaps for SEO

Let's dive into the sitemap world! Framer has some cool tools that make it a breeze to boost your website's search engine mojo. This is all about helping your site show up better in search results.

Picture this: Framer gives you the power to tweak how your page links and titles look with just a single click. And guess what? Framer's got your back by automatically creating updated sitemaps. These sitemaps are like maps for search engines – they show the important bits of your site.

What's really awesome is that these maps are always up-to-date. So, whenever you make changes, they're instantly shared with search engines. This means your site gets noticed faster, and more people can find their way to it. In short, Framer's SEO magic helps your site shine bright on search engines, bringing in more visitors than ever before!

Crafting a Semantic Page

Let's talk about semantics – which is a fancy word for how you structure and describe things on your website. Imagine it like giving your content a clear map that helps both people and search engines explore your site easily.

No matter if you're making a basic landing page or a super complex web app, Framer's got something special for you: tags! These are like the building blocks that shape your content. Using tags in Framer is like creating a roadmap for your site's content. It makes things neat and tidy, so visitors and search engines can quickly understand and find what they're looking for.

You get to use all sorts of tags – think of them as tools in your web-building kit. There are "header tags" for titles that stand out, "image tags" to describe pictures, and plenty more. These tags give you the power to craft a website that suits your exact needs, whether it's a simple page or a complex app. So, with Framer's tag superpowers, you're in control, making your website a breeze to explore and enjoy!

Accessibility Settings

Making things accessible is like building a strong foundation for the web. It's all about making sure everyone can enjoy the awesome stuff you create.

Framer gets the ball rolling by taking care of some simple stuff automatically. But the real magic happens when you add meaning to the different parts of your site. Framer's got your back with awesome tools that boost accessibility. These include things like "Semantic and Frame Tags" (which make your site easier to understand), "Image ALT text" (a description for images), "Tab order" (helping navigation with the keyboard), "ARIA label" (extra info for screen readers), and even a "Reduced Motion" option.

So, with Framer's help, you're not just making a cool website – you're making a space where everyone can join in and have a great time!

Lighthouse Scores

With Framer, your websites become champions in the world of performance! By using the newest web tricks and making sure everything runs super smoothly, Framer-made websites get top marks on Google Lighthouse. You might wonder what that is – well, it's like a tool that checks how awesome your web pages are.

Here's the deal: Framer sets things up so that your websites start off with a bang. They load really fast, use up only what they need, and give visitors a fantastic time. This magical combo of speed and greatness makes them shine in Google Lighthouse tests. It's like getting gold stars for things like "First Contentful Paint" (how quickly the page shows stuff), "Speed Index" (how fast things get going), and "Time to Interactive" (how soon visitors can play around).

So, with Framer's know-how, your websites become like Olympic athletes of the web world – impressing everyone, including tools like Google Lighthouse!

Server Side Rendering

Framer does something really cool – it gets your website ready as soon as you put it online, a bit like cooking your favourite dish before you're even hungry. This trick is called "server-side rendering." It's like making a preview of your website that search engines like Google can check out super fast, without needing to do anything fancy.

Imagine this: when you finish working on your website and hit the "publish" button, a small computer process starts running in the background on the server. This process uses some tech magic (JavaScript) to create the main parts of your website. Once this magic is done, we save those main parts, sort of like taking a picture of them.

When someone comes to your website, we show them that pre-made picture instead of making them wait. This makes your website load much quicker. Plus, Google can look at this picture and understand your website better. It's like getting extra points because your website is super easy to check out.

So, with Framer's smart trick, your website becomes like a speedy ninja that loads fast and looks great for everyone, even for search engines.

Effortless Hosting

Framer's hosting feature simplifies your website's journey from creation to deployment. With a click of the Publish button, your site finds a home online within seconds. The hosting infrastructure, fueled by Amazon Web Services (AWS), embraces speed, reliability, and global accessibility, ensuring your site shines anywhere on the planet.

Experience the fusion of SEO mastery and performance perfection as Framer transforms your website into a search engine-friendly, swiftly loading marvel. Say farewell to complexities and embark on a journey where speed and visibility intertwine, and your website becomes a beacon in the vast sea of the internet. Welcome to the era of Framer's SEO and Performance brilliance.


As we conclude our exploration into Framer's SEO & Performance capabilities, a new era of website creation dawns upon us. Gone are the days of trading speed for optimization or vice versa. With Framer, you're not only equipped to conquer the challenges of search engine rankings but also set sail on the high seas of swift loading times. From keyword fields to custom URL, SEO plays a vital role. As your journey with Framer Learn unfolds, may your websites shine bright on SERP and leave a trail of awe-inspiring performance for users worldwide. Welcome to a future where brilliance in SEO strategy and performance harmonize, thanks to Framer's transformative technology.

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