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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is know as the process of focusing on understanding what drives, stops, and persuades your users, so you can give them the best user experience possible—and that, in turn, is what makes them convert and ultimately improves your website conversion rate.

Focusing on the conversion is obviously important but lots of things happen before that point;

- DRIVERS bring people to your website,

- BARRIERS make them leave,

- HOOKS persuade them to convert.

3 key points of conversion rate optimization
how to calculate conversion rate?

When you’re working to improve conversions, not every problem is quantifiable, backed by hard numbers, and with a clear-cut answer. Yes: sometimes, an obvious bug is blocking 80% of your users from doing something, and fixing that one bug will save your entire business; other times, your website functions perfectly and yet people still are not converting. When a problem or issue occurs, you'll need to dig deeper to understand the why a customer is leaving. That's what we at Urest believe CRO is actually about: understanding customers and finding ways to get them back.

Whether you own an e-commerce site, manage online marketing, or run any other online service, CRO will be a top-of-mind topic to help your organisation grow.

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